Fajr Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
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Prayers times for Sunday 4th October, 2015. Friday Khutba (Sermon) starts at 01:05 pm
Prayer Start Jamma
Fajr 05:43 am 06:15 am
Sunrise 07:19 am -
01:02 pm 01:30 pm
Asr 03:48 pm 04:15 pm
Maghrib 06:36 pm +5 mins
Isha 07:57 pm 08:15 pm
Prayers times for Sunday 4th October, 2015. Friday Sermon starts at 01:05 pm


Quran Courses

We are pleased to announce the following educational classes.

  • Monday & Wednesday class (Book 1 to Book 4 - IQRA book), 6:30-8:00pm
  • Friday class (Book 5 to Book 6 - IQRA book and Juz ‘Amma), 6:30-8:00pm
  • Tuesday & Saturday class (Tahfeez), 7:00-9:00pm
Please fill in the attached application form and return to Br Khalifa or Imam Ibrahim. All classes will begin on Monday 21st September 2015

GCSE ISLAM & Religious Studies - Call for Enrollment

Asalam Aleikum,

The Al Noor GCSE Islam & Religious Studies course is now open for enrolment. Please find the application forms below:

It is recommended for the applications to be completed electronically and sent by email to alnoorschooladmissions@gmail.com


Notice Board

Refugee Crisis

Donations for AMIC

Please spend time to review and donate below.

IMAM Accomodation: We intend to acquire a designated Imam residence. This would be cheaper in the long run.
Dawah: As Muslims Dawah is our obligation, and living in Britain presents a rare opportunity to provide Dawah directly to non-muslims
Maintenance: This includes Cleaning Equipment, Repairs, Upgrades, and the like
Education: This is an issue of concern in our community for many years, in that we lack proper Educational facilities.
GAS/Electricity/Comm: Required for normal function of the Masjid
AMIC Staff: The staff maintain the upkeep of Masjid

Pay Zakat and Give Sadaqa

Asalam Aleikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu, Alhamdulillah you can now pay Zakat or give Sadaqa here. Sadaqa is optional charity, where as Zakat is a compulsory 2.5% payment that a person must give from wealth that satisfies certain conditions.

Accomodation Notice

Salam Aleikum, you can announce or look for accommodation in the adverts section on the mosque website.